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Are we working ourselves out of a job?

The challenges and frustrations encountered while working in Public Housing can be overwhelming. HUD, like most Federal agencies, can create an unnecessary workload, but the real challenge often lies within ourselves. Anyone who works in Public Housing likely observes an excessive amount of manipulation of the welfare system. It is easy to let the abusers of the system overshadow the real needs of those for which Public Housing was created. While we are working to maintain the Housing Authority and meet HUD requirements, there are families who are also working to move out of public housing.

Those who would welcome the opportunity to move out are generally the best tenants. Therefore, our challenge is to ensure we do not get too comfortable with “the way things have always been” and be willing to endure more abuse of the system while we show the “way out” to the tenants who are interested.

We must recognize this challenge and meet it with fervor. Our enthusiasm should be fueled by the notion that helping the few will encourage the majority, causing the few to become the majority. Theoretically, this could be viewed as working ourselves out of a job, which brings me to my primary point. If we are not trying to work ourselves out of a job, what does that say about us as individuals? And, would that not make us abusers of the welfare system ourselves?

What if we were to teach children and adults different ways to upgrade their lifestyle? Lifestyles that include better educational and career opportunities, stronger family environments and eventually home ownership. Now, this won’t eliminate public housing all together, but it will open up more housing for those truly in need, as it was originally designed. So, when you ask yourself am I working myself out of a job? the answer should be YES!

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