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SMT's Mission Statement

SMT strives to enhance affordable housing through strategic consulting while also assisting with community development through non-profit partnership. We believe that for something to work well, it must work well for all. 

SMT’s goal is to equip others for success. One way we do this is through strategic consulting with Housing Authorities across Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. SMT serves as a third-party consultant for your agency. The advantage of third-party agency management is that we have only the PHA's interest as our interest. Through consulting, we ensure that our clients are equipped with the best plan for their units. These plans lay out what each client needs and how to attain that in the most efficient way. 


SMT is concerned about the bettering of communities, not only through their units, but through after school and summer curriculum designed to empower the youth in these areas. SMT is proud to support Love In A Big World and encourages their clients to consider the program. We believe that the best plan, is one that benefits everyone involved. 





We specialize in efficient Modernization Management to ensure your Capital Improvements are well planned, properly designed and constructed correctly. 

Strategic Planning

We provide in-house Strategic Planning Services designed to achieve short and long-term goals that will serve the best interests of all community stakeholders in mind. 

Community Investment
and Development

Our "Building Success For All" motto reflects our commitment to working with Housing Authorities to help them become a part of the solution in developing more vibrant communities.

We provide guidance in proper compliance while following HUD procurement policy of these services.

We provide expert analysis of each RFQ response to ensure that you select the best agency for you. 

A/E and Developer Contract Negotiation
Construction Administration

We have developed project management systems which ensure all requirements are properly documented and that the entire construction process is approached with a collaborative effort.

Alternative Funding Sources

We are constantly seeking alternative funding sources to provide for various needs within the Affordable Housing community. These include grant applications, targeted HUD funding Tax Credits and Community Investment.

LIHTC Consulting and Management 

We have assembled a team of professionals who specialize in each phase of the LIHTC process. As your consultant, we will ensure you are fully represented from start to finish. 

RAD Application Analysis and Submittal

We can provide expert guidance and analysis for a PHA to be certain a RAD conversion will work well for its long-range goals of providing affordable housing to its tenants. 

Agency Planning

We work with your agency to ensure decisions are made in your best interest with effective short and long-term planning as priority. 

Annual Inspections

We provide annual inspections by our

in-house certified REAC inspector to ensure our clients are well prepared for their own REAC inspections. 

Policy Manuals Written and Updated

HUD policies and procedural requirements are constantly changing. We stay engaged with HUD information so we can help our clients stay informed and remain in compliance. We also conduct workshops to help our clients understand the content within these policies and which ones they need to implement. 



Brownsville Housing Authority 
Huntingdon Housing Authority 
Loudon Housing Authority 
Parsons-Decaturville Housing Authority 
Trenton Housing Authority 
Livingston Housing Authority
Newport Housing Authority
Knoxville Community Development Corporation (KCDC)
Dumas Housing Authority 
Gould Housing Authority 
Jacksonville Housing Authority
Lonoke County Housing Authority 
Rison Housing Authority 
Searcy Housing Authority 
Walker County Housing Authority
Georgetown Housing Authority

What our clients have to say...

"SMT has proven to be a dedicated and trustworthy organization. Trenton Housing has been fortunate to work with this team and has found them to be very knowledgeable and professional in their field of expertise. This consulting firm is familiar with the procedures for public housing and has had extensive experience with HUD capital funds, emergency grant programs and low income tax credit projects among other things.


Their services are extensive. Many of the things this firm has handled on behalf of Trenton Housing proves their list of services provide for small, medium and large Housing Authorities. Having an experienced consultant is an added benefit and keeps the work flowing at a faster than normal pace due in part to SMT being on top of the job, reducing errors and construction mishaps. Trenton Housing has had its share of less than average constructionprojects being done and with SMT we havenot had a problem with redoing work or errors in readingplans.


The team is very professional and works well with architects, construction crews, supervisors and company owners. They are true to the work they provide and will work closely with you to ensure your project is done correctly and is cost effective for you."


- Doug Lockard

Executive Director of Trenton Housing Authority 

"We have saved money by switching from an A/E Firm and going with the Consulting services that SMT provides their clients with outstanding service.

I am very pleased with the work experience and services that my Housing Authority has received from working with SMT and I highly recommend them to you!”


“SMT offers Consulting Services to ensure their clients stay up to date with HUD’s ever changing Rules and Regulations and Policies and Procedures. SMT offered a workshop/ training for the changes to the Internal Controls Policy, so their clients better understood what the changes were when we received the Policy from their company, instead of just providing the Policy, which was a great help! They strive to make sure that their clients receive the best quality service always!”


- Mecca Deere, Executive Director
Parsons-Decaturville Housing Authority

"Stan's work has always been over and above what was expected. He is very knowledgeable in the mission of Public Housing Authorities' management and he does know construction very well. He is always looking for ways for our agency to spend our funds more efficiently. I have found him to be efficient and honest."

- Brenda Lonon

Executive Director

Brownsville Housing Authority

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